After Care Diet

Everyone would agree that a sweet smile brightens up your day. So, you might want to undergo teeth whitening treatment to remove the stains on your teeth. Guess what?

Teeth whitening process proves effective, and soon, you see the results! You smile back when other people smile at you. Thus, you want to maintain the white color of your teeth. But how do you do it if stain-causing foods and beverages surround you?

Don’t worry because here are simple but effective ways on how you would maintain your white teeth?

Follow A Good Hygiene Routine

Some patients experience tooth sensitivity after the teeth whitening operation. Well, it might be due to the sensitivity of your teeth to teeth whiteners used in the procedure. 

Relax and follow simple hygiene routine that allows you to prolong the whiteness of your teeth. Even if you have sensitive teeth, it still depends on your oral hygiene on how you would prolong your white teeth.

Result of teeth whitening

Here are a few essential ways you should include in your routine:

  • Avoid brushing your teeth straight after the teeth whitening treatment. It doesn’t aggravate the pores on your teeth. Thus, you wouldn’t experience sensitivity.
  • You follow your white diet by using white toothpaste. It’s best that you don’t use mouthwash. For heavy smokers, you avoid cigarettes within 24 hours after the treatment session.

Also, don’t forget to talk to your dentist about other ways on how you can maximize your hygiene routine. Your dentist might advise you to choose your teeth whitening products carefully.

Have the “White Diet”

If your friends or relatives undergo teeth whitening, you haven’t heard of the “white diet.” This diet consists of white foods instead of the colored foods you usually eat.  The coloring in colored foods would enter your tooth and affect the teeth whitening result.

You should follow the white for 24 hours after your treatment.

What are the white foods that you should include in your diet?

  • Plain white rice
  • White fruits such as bananas and apples
  • White vegetables such as potato, cauliflower, and more.
  • White pita bread
  • White meats such as turkey, chicken, and white fish (cod is a good example). These foods shouldn’t have skin, seasonings, or colorings.
  • White pasta with white sauce
  • White cereals
  • Milk

You follow the diet for 24 hours so that the pores of your teeth would have enough time to close. If not, colorings from foods and beverages would seep to the holes and add to teeth discoloration. Remember: you should away from colored foods!

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Alright, the 24 hours post-treatment might be over, but you still need to watch the foods that you’re eating. The teeth whitening treatment lasts for months up to years. But, you need to be careful about the other foods and beverages you eat.

Don’t forget to follow your dental hygiene so that you wouldn’t get disappointed. You need to make sure that you’re following the right oral hygiene. You brush your teeth twice a day and after mealtime. Regular brushing of your teeth results in the prolonged presence of your white teeth.

If flossing isn’t part of your regimen, it’s wise to do flossing. Flossing helps you reach the places where your toothbrush couldn’t reach — regular flossing results in successful plaque and tartar removal.

Also, a regular check-up with your dentist is a big help to maintain the color of your white teeth. The dentist would give you advises and tips on how to maintain an excellent oral routine. You might ask about other teeth whitening options if you feel unsatisfied with your last treatment.

You open possibilities for effects and risks if you try other options. You can choose from different teeth whitening products that add to the beauty and maintenance of white teeth. But don’t forget to consider the product’s effectiveness before you try it.

Beware of salons that offer teeth whitening products. Why? Some of these salons don’t have a registered dentist who could approve the product. You stick to the instructions of your dentist’s before the check-up. It helps you if you need other teeth whitening treatment or not.

Also, don’t forget the after-care diet mentioned in this article to maintain your glowing smile!

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