Teeth Whitening Cost

A person’s smile reflects his or her happy feeling or personality. It’s an awesome feeling when you smile to people, and other people smile at you. So, teeth whitening treatment becomes more popular because many people want to wash out stains in their teeth.

But, here’s one of the essential things you would think about before you undergo the treatment – the teeth whitening cost. For those who have a tight budget, the cost of the teeth whitening treatment is essential

So, you read this article for you to have an idea about teeth whitening cost.

How Much Does Laser Teeth Whitening Cost?

Laser teeth whitening is the fastest whitening treatment in the market today. So, you could expect a high price range.  If you want to undergo laser teeth procedure, your budget should be $400 to $1500 by estimate.

That’s not the end of the price you’re going to pay. There are other costs you have to think about – the time and maintenance costs. You see, both time and maintenance payments vary, so you have to prepare an extra budget for it.

  • Cost of Laser Whitening Procedure in Time

Laser whitening treatment is no doubt the fastest procedure today, and most people want to try it. The laser whitening session takes about 15 minutes up to 2 hours.

What happens during this time?

Like bleach teeth whitening, carbamide peroxide and hydrogen are used in laser whitening procedure. The laser doesn’t have anything to do with the heating of the paste. The secret: the CO2 laser or argon heats the paste. Hence, you would observe a fast radiation process. You can expect the session to end in 20 minutes instead of hours.

That’s not all.

Do you believe the “one-stop” myth that laser companies boast about their laser teeth whitening offers?  Guess what? You still need to see your dentist several times so that you can see the difference in the treatment.

So, you multiply your initial $200 per hour to the dentist, and you get the price!

  • Maintenance Cost of Laser Teeth Whitening

Dentists use a custom fitted tray so that your teeth would be white for months. The dentist might call you every six or eight months for the laser session. The second option seems impractical, and you have to spend lots of cash on it.

Teeth whitening require maintenance, so you need to visit the dentist often. In your visits, you’re expected to spend time and money.

Is Laser Bleaching Safe?

Bleaching causes tooth sensitivity due to the peroxide applied to the teeth. Severe tooth sensitivity depends on the condition of your tooth enamel.

If you think that lasers cause sensitivity, think again. You see, the high peroxide dosage is the reason why your tooth becomes sensitive. Since most laser treatments use 22 to 35% of peroxide, tooth sensitivity could be higher than expected.

Based on the Canadian Dental Association, lasers procedures have little scientific assessment. Meanwhile, other organizations point out that there isn’t any additional benefit to laser teeth whitening.

Why Do You need to Pay for Laser Teeth Whitening?

You might believe the one-stop myth that laser teeth whitening offers you speed. Well, it’s that not speedy as you think. For example, three laser treatments would take two to six weeks.

So, do you think that’s still worth it to avail and pay for the laser whitening?

For financial reasons, it’s best to skip the laser whitening and go straight to the custom-fitted trays. You would also see these fitted trays in laser treatment sessions. For dental experts, using fitted trays is the safest and cost-effective way to whiten your teeth. You can expect that a single tray and gel syringes could last up to two years.

You buy custom fitted trays from your dentist for $400, and you can buy teeth whitening for %800. Do you see the difference?

But you think what’s more comfortable to you – fitted strays or laser whitening?  People who have lots of money would choose laser teeth whitening treatment. It might be faster compared to the usual teeth whitening process, but you still need to visit the dentist several times. If you prefer a cost-effective teeth whitening process, you choose a fitted tray. The decision is still up to you. Feel free to ask your dentist for advice.