Teeth Whitening Facts

Are you mesmerized by the smile your friends show you? Well, a person’s smile is due to his or her white teeth. If you have discolored teeth, it would be difficult for you to smile.

Don’t worry! Teeth whitening treatment allows you to have a brighter teeth. You would be confident to talk to your friends and workmates because you have white teeth. That’s not all. White teeth make you feel and look young.

People often associate white teeth with beauty and youth. If you have white teeth, you would always show your big smile. You would look young and beautiful by showing a smile every day!

But, you still need to consider the effects and risks of teeth whitening before you ask a dentist about it. Here are a few facts about teeth whitening:

Safety First Before You Choose Teeth Whitening

If your friend shares with you his or her teeth whitening treatment, you would likely find out different teeth whitening options:

  • Home kits
  • Bleaching
  • Toothpaste
  • Holistic remedies
  • In-chair treatments

Yes, these available options might get your attention, but you still need to consider its effectiveness. Patients need to decide if they need teeth whitening or not. You consider the safety and effects of the procedure. A licensed dental professional such as a dentist or dental therapist should perform the procedure for you.

Registered Dentists under the General Dentist Council Should Perform Teeth Whitening Treatment

When it comes to oral health, you should think about your safety. You might see over-the-counter products in shops or online. You might be interested in buying these, but many of these products have risks.

For example, these products might have high bleach content than the required level. Many costumes fail to measure the bleach level in teeth whitening products. These might cause blisters or increase teeth sensitivity.

Also, unregistered salons who offer teeth whitening treatment should be avoided. You let licensed dentists examine your teeth and carry out the procedure. If you decide to choose a teeth whitening procedure, you book a check-up with your dentist in advance. You would know the different options of teeth whitening that the dentist would explain to you.

Teeth Whitening is Suitable for Most People

You’re sure to achieve good results if you try the teeth whitening treatment. In many cases, patients feel satisfaction after the treatment. They’re confident to communicate with people due to their white teeth.  The results of teeth whitening boost not only your confidence but also your self-esteem.

But, you have to avoid soda, tea, coffee, and other beverages that cause tooth decay. You should also see to it that you take care of your teeth well to prolong your white teeth.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Could Result to Temporary Sensitivity to Pressure, Temperature, and Touch

Most people say that teeth whitening treatment is safe and effective. But, dental restorations such as porcelain veneers and bridges could affect the effectiveness of the treatment.

Take note: Teeth whitening could be temporarily sensitive to pressure, temperature, and touch. You might have gum irritation if you’re not suitable for teeth whitening treatment. Remember that you need to assess your teeth’s condition with your dentist so that you wouldn’t face negative effects.

You Can Consult Your Trusted Dentist

The excellent teeth whitening results aren’t performed at home. There are risks if you use home kits. Example: you might be able to irritate your gums or don’t get the best teeth whitening results. You discuss with your dentist the available options that work for you.

One of the best teeth whitening products you can use is Zoom! Whitening. You would see good results after an hour. It still depends on your comfort if you would select home treatment or seek the services of a dentist. But it’s advisable to let experts check your teeth so that you’re assured of the best results.

Now, you might ask: would the results last for months or years?

Well, the teeth whitening effects last for three years, but it might vary. The effect wouldn’t last up to three years if you smoke or drink beverages that could stain your teeth. For example, you should avoid soda or other sweet drinks that stain your teeth.

Also, don’t forget to maintain your oral hygiene. It’s best that you brush your teeth and floss regularly to maintain good oral hygiene. You expect to see white teeth after the teeth whitening treatment. Ask your private dentist about other procedures you can do to level your oral hygiene.

Major Causes of Teeth Staining

The effectiveness of the teeth whitening procedure isn’t that successful if you have these causes of teeth staining. You might drink beverages that cause yellowish teeth. Other people might have habits that lower good oral hygiene.

Take note of the following causes of teeth staining:

  • Red Wine

Yes, you might love to drink red wine, but did you know that this could stain your teeth? Grapes are one of the main ingredients of red wine that has dark purple colors. These colors stain your teeth.

  • Coffee and Tea

If you love to drink black tea or coffee, now is the time to consider your beverage choices. An everyday drink of coffee causes your teeth to become dark or yellowish.

  • Cigarettes

Do you smoke cigarettes every day? It’s best to stop it once you try the teeth whitening treatment. Cigarette smoking is one of the major causes of teeth staining due to the chemicals found in cigarettes.

After the teeth whitening treatment, you should avoid dark-colored foods and drinks within 48 hours. Dentists advise that brushing your teeth regularly is essential to maintain the white color of your teeth.   Don’t forget to floss after meals and before you sleep. It’s always wise to shop for the best and certified teeth whitening products. You ask your dentist about these dental products and if these products are good for your teeth. You should be open about the risks of home kits and DIY teeth whitening. Let the experts carry out the procedure for you, and you’re sure to gain excellent results.

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