Whitening Kits

You love to drink coffee, soda, and black tea as part of your lifestyle. But, these beverages lead to yellowish and stained teeth. Some people might be prone to discoloration than others. So, one of the best solutions you can do is teeth whitening.

You can find various teeth whitening products available in the market. From toothpaste to home kits, customers have different products to buy. But, you have to consider essential factors before you buy teeth whitening products:

  • Licensed or Approved by the Dentist

Not all teeth whitening products are good for your teeth. These products should be tested and approved by dentists. It’s best to make sure you have quality products that provide you good results

Teeth whitening products shouldn’t cause sensitive teeth and gum irritation. Customers should be cautious about the effect of some teeth whitening products before they buy it. The dentist knows the possible effects of these products. So, you make sure the products you would buy and use are dentist approved.

  • Have A Check Up with Your Dentist Before You Start Teeth Whitening

Before the teeth whitening treatment, it’s a good idea to have a tooth check-up. Why? The dentist would check if the bad patches on your teeth could be stains or signs of tooth decay. Then, the dentist would access effective solutions to remove the color or stain before he or she performs teeth whitening treatment.

Also, don’t forget to watch your diet. Yes, your diet would affect your usage of teeth whitening products. You avoid coffee or tea because these beverages lessen the effects of teeth whitening. An excellent teeth whitening treatment lasts for 6 months up to 3 years. But, black beverages could shorten their effect. 

You make dietary changes so that you prolong the beauty and color of your white teeth.

Now, what teeth whitening products are perfect for your needs? Do you have trouble selecting the best products? Here are a few whitening kits you can buy and use that would provide you a smile all the time!

Billion Dollar Teeth Whitening Kit

For people new to teeth whitening, this kit is worth buying. Why? It’s complete with instructions that would guide you on how to use the teeth whitening kit. The kit has three 3ml of non-peroxide gel syringes and a reliable LED light.

You’re sure that peroxide ingredients are quality and tested. So, you have a guarantee it doesn’t have harmful effects on the teeth and gums. The formula is easy to dispense on the gum shields so you would feel comfortable in using it.

What do customers like about the product?

 If you love the smell of aloe vera or pomegranate, you would like to use this product. You would be amazed at the product’s effectiveness. You would already see good results after a few weeks of using it.

Most buyers say their teeth had become brighter than before since they used the teeth whitening kit. So, it would be good to try the product now!

Oral-B Genius 9000

Your teeth whitening treatment wouldn’t be complete without a reliable toothbrush. What toothbrush is the best for you? Well, the Oral-B Genius offers an electric toothbrush that offers an effective brushing performance.

Can I charge the toothbrush?

Of course! It comes with a travel case that allows you to charge the toothbrush. Registered dentists approved the Oral-B toothbrush, so you’re assured that there’s it has no harmful effects.

Another good thing about the toothbrush is it offers controls that enable to adjust your brushing. So, you can brush your teeth effectively using the head and bristles. You can remove dirt that is stuck in between your teeth using the toothbrush.

After a month, you would see the good results – your teeth become light and bright. Thus, you have the reason to show your smile to people.

Pro Teeth Whitening Charcoal Strips, Powder, Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Many people believe that charcoal is effective in whitening your teeth. Some dentists believe that charcoal is only a fad, but most people say that it helps in successful teeth whitening. The powder comes from natural ingredients and coconut shells that enable it to act as a detoxifying agent.

You wouldn’t go wrong with the good effects of charcoal, toothpaste, and powder that aids in teeth whitening. The whitening kits also have peppermint mouthwash and strips that give you satisfaction in every use.

You’re assured that the product is 100% natural, so don’t expect any harmful side effects. Dr. Peter McQuillan, a dentist, approves using the teeth whitening kit.

Customers say that the powder and the mouthwash get rid of stains and dirt around the teeth. The teeth’s whiteness isn’t that impressive, but regular use of the product offers good results. So, why not try the charcoal strips today and see be amazed by your white teeth!

Oral-B Whitening Therapy Toothpaste

Let’s face it that some of us don’t want to use gels or kits to whiten our teeth. For some people, using toothpaste for teeth whitening is excellent. But, there are many toothpaste choices in the market, so it’s hard for you to select the best toothpaste.

Not quite.

Are you familiar with the Oral-b Whitening Therapy Toothpaste? If not, now is the right time to check it out! The toothpaste has an essential mineral complex that doesn’t only whiten your teeth but also nourish and strengthen enamel.

You would love the taste of the toothpaste. Unlike other toothpaste, the Oral-B isn’t harsh to the mouth. You wouldn’t feel any discomfort in brushing your teeth with the toothpaste. You use it within a month and expect to see white and bright teeth.

FOREO Issa Toothbrush Sensitive Set

Do you want to use a silicone toothbrush? Here’s the good news – the FOREO Issa offers you the very first silicone toothbrush! You might observe that most toothbrushes in the market have small heads, but the FOREO Issa has an oval-shaped toothbrush.

What’s good about the toothbrush?

If you think that it cleans only one tooth, you’re wrong. The toothbrush cleans your teeth many times, so you’re assured of effective teeth whitening. The technology behind the toothbrush is amazing because it has 16 adjustable speeds and a sonic pulse technology.

The one hour charge of the toothbrush enables you to use it for a year. It’s cool to use because it gives your teeth the overall clean you want. You use the toothbrush regularly, and you would see excellent results.

PROACOAL Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

Do you dislike using mouth guards and LED lights to whiten your teeth? The PROACOAL Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder suits your teeth whitening treatment.  The product is vegan-friendly  and 100% natural, so it’s good for you and your teeth.

The black powder has a small spot where you can get keep your toothbrush. You would use it as toothpaste that provides you good results you want to see. You would be surprised because the 60 ml pot lasts for 5 months, so it’s a good value for your money.

But, the black powder takes a long time before it washes out completely from your mouth. You use the black powder for several weeks and expect to see the perfect glow of your teeth. Come now and give the PROACOAL Charcoal Teeth Whitening a try!

Polished Teeth Whitening Kit

One of the first things you would notice about this whitening kit is its stylish box. You would be excited to open it and would be surprised by the contents inside:

Three syringes have teeth whitening gel, LED light, and mouth guard.  You connect the shield and the LED light. Then, you take the syringes and fill the mouth guards with the formula. You need to put the right amount of formula to the mouth guard.  You would do this for 10 minutes that could be tricky, but the results are successful.

From the instructions, you would see that you need to use it each night so that you can see the result. It might be difficult for you if you don’t have determination and patience to do it. But, you would see beautiful results after several weeks of brushing your teeth.

If the whitening kit is advanced for you, it’s also wise to use mouth guards and mouthwash. Committed customers are welcome to use the Polished Teeth Whitening Kit and expect to see excellent results.

Rapid White Tooth Whitening System With Charcoal

Do you want to whiten your teeth to six shades lighter than for a week? You can use the Rapid White Tooth Whitening System to achieve the perfect shade of your teeth. The set comes with whitening gel and mouth guard. You apply the whitening guard for 10 minutes, and you would see good results after a few weeks.

The mouth guard doesn’t fit close to your teeth, but it creates major impact to the teeth whitening process. You would be happy to know the mouth guards and the gel’s effectiveness in whitening your teeth. Your gums are also safe in using the mouth guard, so it’s best to try the Rapid White set today!

For users, the mouth guard is uncomfortable after you place it in your mouth for a few minutes.  You can use it every morning and evening, and you would see a big difference in your teeth’s color. But, the color difference acts as a brightener than a shade.

If you’re looking for an affordable teeth whitening kit, the Rapid White Tooth Whitening System is an excellent choice for you! But, you can’t expect a change in your teeth’s color.

The Bottom Line

For customers who are looking for overall teeth cleaning, the Oral-B Genius is an excellent choice for you! The kit might not give you a perfect whitened teeth, but it leaves you whiter shade. You can use the Billion Dollar Teeth Whitening Kit if you want an overall teeth color change.

You could also try the other products mentioned in this article if you like a unique teeth whitening product. The selection of teeth whiteners depends on your comfort and advice of your dentist. Your dentist might also prescribe other products for teeth whitening if the product increases teeth sensitivity. Don’t forget to maintain your oral hygiene so that you always have white teeth!